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The Taste and Smell of Glory: Aesthetics and Faith

In this series, Sarah Raiter will lead us in an exploration of aesthetics in Scripture, to enhance our faith. She says, “God’s Word and his world are choc-full of aesthetics designed to whisper and waft, drip and drape, sing and swirl, burn and blind… (you get the idea). Our faith is about meeting with God. And boy, when people meet with him, Scripture records it can be a breathtaking hit of the senses. I don’t know what that meeting looks like for you or for myriads of saints that have preceded us in lifetimes of worship. But I know there’s a lot of wonder to discover in Scripture. An aesthetic woosh to shape and enhance our faith. *Keep in mind: aesthetics don’t explain. They describe.

Author: Sarah Raiter
You'll now find Sarah empty-nesting at St James Old Cathedral where Mike and she live and worship. https://containingcolor.wordpress.com