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A Child Shall Lead Them

This devotional series explores God’s heart for all his children and his desire for us to come to him as children. Together, we will look at children and young people in the Bible whom God uses for his kingdom purposes. We’ll explore both the challenges and revelations these children of the biblical narrative experienced and consider what their stories teach us about God’s character, and ultimately about his Son. You see, God is not surprised when children demonstrate remarkable courage. The Bible tells stories of young people who are faithful to God regardless of their age or status. Despite their lack of cultural power, they trust that God will provide what they need to follow him. And God does provide, again and again.

Author: Meredith Wright
Meredith Wright is on the Communication team at Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA), and prepared these devotions in light of their work with children around the world. We are grateful for BWAA’s willingness to share Meredith Wright’s beautiful reflections with our Daily Bible audience.