14 day plan

The Divine Beauty of the Incarnation

There are two sides to the Christmas coin. We can consider the incarnation with our feet planted on earth: baby Jesus, born of a Virgin, lowly in a manger, surrounded by shepherds. In this way, we contemplate the humble beginning of our Saviour. Yet in this devotional series, we will ponder the other side of the Christmas coin. We will consider the incarnation with our feet planted in heaven. For the next 14 days, we’ll walk slowly through John Chapter 1, as Nick Wood leads us in pulling different threads to contemplate the Divine Beauty of the Incarnation.

Author: Rev Nick Wood
Rev Nick Wood is an Assistant Pastor, and Discipleship Director at The Bridge Church in Sydney. He longs to see believers' journey deeper into fullness of life with God, and writes occasionally on the topic at https://nicholaslmw.substack.com/.