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The Birth of Jesus, the Birth of Change

The birth of Jesus ushered in a fundamental change to the possibilities of love and justice in human history. Through the eyes of those first witnesses we ask: how do we give witness to the emergence of love and justice in our own time?

Author: The Brotherhood of St Laurence Chaplains
The Brotherhood of St Laurence is an Anglican Social Justice organisation working to interrupt the cycles of poverty in Australia – to make change that lasts. The Chaplaincy team – Debra, Scott, Michelle and Bruce – are responsible for caring of the carers and cultivating the calling of all in the BSL community. They do this through pastoral care of its staff and volunteers, the development of spirituality at work amongst its multi-faith and multi-cultural staff, and telling the unfolding story of the BSL’s founding vision: a vocation of loving service in the pursuit of justice because all people matter to God.