14 day plan

God of all creation

On New Years Eve 2019, bushfires raged across eastern Australia. A month later, a global pandemic changed the way we live and work. On top of all this, the longer-term changes humans are causing to the environment may well lead to dangerous climate change. Is the creation groaning for the time when it, along with God’s people, will be redeemed? In all such issues, both mainstream science and biblical theology are essential for sound Christian thinking; science uncovers the mechanisms (the “how”) of God’s creation, while theology uncovers the meanings and purposes (the “why”). These reflections dip into 14 of the many creation stories in the Bible using them provoke us to think about creation, new creation, science, suffering, and the wonders of God revealed in his handiwork. We begin with first creation, and we finish with new creation.

Author: Chris Mulherin
Chris Mulherin is an Anglican minister and Executive Director of ISCAST–Christians in Science and Technology, a network of Christians who rejoice in the benefits of science and the way the sciences reveal the wonders of God’s creation. Chris also teaches in Introduction to Climate Change at Melbourne University. Previously, he studied and taught engineering and spent 13 years in Argentina with his family as missionaries.