14 day plan

The God Who Guides

Jess Collins from the Online Bible College says, "This devotional series reflects what I have learnt this year. I have found that more than ever that I have needed to listen to God’s voice amongst the noise, embracing obedience, and reliance on God's provision. God's guidance has been a central focus in my walk with him. I took a leap of faith, transitioning from a salaried pastoral role to join my father's ministry, the Online Bible College, which he founded before he passed away. While this ministry has incredible potential for advancing God's Kingdom, it currently lacks the financial means to provide a salary. Amidst the noisy backdrop of escalating mortgage rates, cost of living, and the aspiration to enrol my daughters in a local Christian school, the experience has been a blend of both exciting anticipation and fear. This journey consistently confronts me with a pivotal question: 'To what extent do I truly place my trust in the directives laid out by God?' As we read the Bible together over the next two weeks, prepare to be drawn into an intimate space with the God who guides so we can hear and follow him."

Author: Jess Collins
Jess is the Principal and CEO of Online Bible College, which provides quality, in-depth, gospel-centered biblical education to anyone, anywhere, for free. Their aim is to bridge the educational gap for aspiring pastors and evangelists in the emerging world. Jess has spent most of her life in the mission field, and now lives in Western Sydney with her husband, two little girls and their adopted greyhound. [To learn more about the Online Bible College resources, visit www.onlinebiblecollege.com]