Psalm 99

God the Supreme King

1 The Lord is king,

and the people tremble.

He sits on his throne above the winged creatures,

and the earth shakes.

2The Lord is mighty in Zion;

he is supreme over all the nations.

3Everyone will praise his great and majestic name.

Holy is he!

4Mighty king, you love what is right;

you have established justice in Israel;

you have brought righteousness and fairness.

5Praise the Lord our God;

worship before his throne!

Holy is he!

6Moses and Aaron were his priests,

and Samuel was one who prayed to him;

they called to the Lord, and he answered them.

7 He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;

they obeyed the laws and commands that he gave them.

8O Lord, our God, you answered your people;

you showed them that you are a God who forgives,

even though you punished them for their sins.

9Praise the Lord our God,

and worship at his sacred hill!

The Lord our God is holy.