Psalm 76

God the Victor

1God is known in Judah;

his name is honored in Israel.

2He has his home in Jerusalem;

he lives on Mount Zion.

3There he broke the arrows of the enemy,

their shields and swords, yes, all their weapons.

4How glorious you are, O God!

How majestic, as you return from the mountains

where you defeated your foes.

5Their brave soldiers have been stripped of all they had

and now are sleeping the sleep of death;

all their strength and skill was useless.

6When you threatened them, O God of Jacob,

the horses and their riders fell dead.

7But you, Lord, are feared by all.

No one can stand in your presence

when you are angry.

8You made your judgment known from heaven;

the world was afraid and kept silent,

9when you rose up to pronounce judgment,

to save all the oppressed on earth.

10Human anger only results in more praise for you;

those who survive the wars will keep your festivals.

11Give the Lord your God what you promised him;

bring gifts to him, all you nearby nations.

God makes everyone fear him;

12he humbles proud princes

and terrifies great kings.