Ezekiel 27

A Funeral Song for Tyre

1The Lord said to me, 2“Mortal man, sing a funeral song for Tyre, 3that city which stands at the edge of the sea and does business with the people living on every seacoast. Tell her what the Sovereign Lord is saying:

“Tyre, you boasted of your perfect beauty.

4Your home is the sea.

Your builders made you like a beautiful ship;

5They used fir trees from Mount Hermon for timber

And a cedar from Lebanon for your mast.

6They took oak trees from Bashan to make oars;

They made your deck out of pine from Cyprus

And inlaid it with ivory.

7Your sails were made of linen,

Embroidered linen from Egypt,

Easily recognized from afar.

Your awnings were made of finest cloth,

Of purple from the island of Cyprus.

8Your oarsmen were from the cities of Sidon and Arvad.

Your own skillful men were the sailors.

9The ship's carpenters

Were well-trained men from Byblos.

Sailors from every seagoing ship

Did business in your shops.

10“Soldiers from Persia, Lydia, and Libya served in your army. They hung their shields and their helmets in your barracks. They are the men who won glory for you. 11Soldiers from Arvad guarded your walls, and troops from Gamad guarded your towers. They hung their shields on your walls. They are the ones who made you beautiful.

12“You did business in Spain and took silver, iron, tin, and lead in payment for your abundant goods. 13You did business in Greece, Tubal, and Meshech and traded your goods for slaves and for articles of bronze. 14You sold your goods for workhorses, war-horses, and mules from Beth Togarmah. 15The people of Rhodes traded with you; people of many coastal lands gave you ivory and ebony in exchange for your goods. 16The people of Syria bought your merchandise and your many products. They gave emeralds, purple cloth, embroidery, fine linen, coral, and rubies in payment for your wares. 17Judah and Israel paid for your goods with wheat, honey, olive oil, and spices. 18-19The people of Damascus bought your merchandise and your products, paying for them with wine from Helbon and wool from Sahar. They traded wrought iron and spices for your goods. 20The people of Dedan traded saddle blankets for your goods. 21The Arabians and the rulers of the land of Kedar paid for your merchandise with lambs, sheep, and goats. 22For your goods the merchants of Sheba and Raamah traded jewels, gold, and the finest spices. 23The cities of Haran, Canneh, and Eden, the merchants of Sheba, the cities of Asshur and Chilmad—they all traded with you. 24They sold you luxurious clothing, purple cloth, and embroidery, brightly colored carpets, and well-made cords and ropes. 25 Your merchandise was carried in fleets of the largest cargo ships.

“You were like a ship at sea

Loaded with heavy cargo.

26When your oarsmen brought you out to sea,

An east wind wrecked you far from land.

27All your wealth of merchandise,

All the sailors in your crew,

Your ship's carpenters and your merchants,

Every soldier on board the ship—

All, all were lost at sea

When your ship was wrecked.

28The shouts of the drowning sailors

Echoed on the shore.

29“Every ship is now deserted,

And every sailor has gone ashore.

30They all mourn bitterly for you,

Throwing dust on their heads and rolling in ashes.

31They shave their heads for you

And dress themselves in sackcloth.

Their hearts are bitter as they weep.

32They chant a funeral song for you:

‘Who can be compared to Tyre,

To Tyre now silent in the sea?

33When your merchandise went overseas,

You filled the needs of every nation.

Kings were made rich

By the wealth of your goods.

34Now you are wrecked in the sea;

You have sunk to the ocean depths.

Your goods and all who worked for you

Have vanished with you in the sea.’

35“Everyone who lives along the coast is shocked at your fate. Even their kings are terrified, and fear is written on their faces. 36You are gone, gone forever, and merchants all over the world are terrified, afraid that they will share your fate.”