Song of Songs 7

The Man

1What a magnificent young woman you are!

How beautiful are your feet in sandals.

The curve of your thighs

is like the work of an artist.

2A bowl is there,

that never runs out of spiced wine.

A sheaf of wheat is there,

surrounded by lilies.

3Your breasts are like twin deer,

like two gazelles.

4Your neck is like a tower of ivory.

Your eyes are like the pools in the city of Heshbon,

near the gate of that great city.

Your nose is as lovely as the tower of Lebanon

that stands guard at Damascus.

5Your head is held high like Mount Carmel.

Your braided hair shines like the finest satin;

its beauty could hold a king captive.

6How pretty you are, how beautiful;

how complete the delights of your love.

7You are as graceful as a palm tree,

and your breasts are clusters of dates.

8I will climb the palm tree

and pick its fruit.

To me your breasts are like bunches of grapes,

your breath like the fragrance of apples,

9and your mouth like the finest wine.

The Woman

Then let the wine flow straight to my lover,

flowing over his lips and teeth.

10I belong to my lover, and he desires me.

11Come, darling, let's go out to the countryside

and spend the night in the villages.

12We will get up early and look at the vines

to see whether they've started to grow,

whether the blossoms are opening

and the pomegranate trees are in bloom.

There I will give you my love.

13You can smell the scent of mandrakes,

and all the pleasant fruits are near our door.

Darling, I have kept for you

the old delights and the new.