7 day plan

Trusting God in difficult times

We find ourselves in very strange times and many of us are facing complex and difficult issues that we are really wanting and needing to trust God with. Many of us are dealing with a very different work and home life – some of us are struggling to juggle a variety of new demands being placed on us, some are anxious about loved ones or themselves becoming ill. Some of us have had spouses or partners or adult children who have lost their jobs and we are anxious about what the future holds. Some of us are dealing with complicated relationship issues; we are all grieving small, and some of us very great and even deeply traumatic losses. During all this - often isolated from loved ones and separated from our church family - we are holding onto faith as best we can. But to a greater or lesser degree for each of us, it has not been easy and quite frankly, many of us are tired and weary. If you are finding true peace of mind hard to come by, you are not alone in that. This seven-day devotion explores what it means to trust in God during these difficult times.

Author: Melissa Lipsett
Melissa is the Chief Operating Officer of Bible Society Australia. Before Bible Society, Melissa served in the local church for 20 years; and before that, she was an officer in the Australian military.  Melissa is passionate about helping people know the love of Jesus.