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Education in the Resurrection Age

What should our lives look like in the current age, bookended by the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of all people at the end of time? This is a question for all of us, particularly those who have a role in educating others. Many of us, whether we are parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors or evangelists, are engaged in the activity of education, seeking to change lives through teaching, nurturing, caring and supporting those around us. How do we go about this task? Is it merely a case of providing the right information, or is there something more fundamental involved, something which transforms the whole person, which goes beyond just information to bring about the development of character? As we look through the New Testament, we find many descriptions of the character virtues that we are to “put on”, as a means of becoming people of the new creation.

Author: James Pietsch
James Pietsch is Principal of Inaburra School and author of the new book, Character Reborn: a Philosophy of Christian Education.