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The Kids are All Right

The COVID-19 restrictions upon all our lives have rocketed many things to the surface of our society. Among deep musings about curve flattening, economic crisis, and toilet paper hoarding, what is happening to our children has also been a headline topic. As it turns out, children are also a big deal in the Bible. From Jesus’ teachings about children (“Let the little children come to me” – Mark 10:13-16) through to the New Testament’s declarations about the children of God (and who they are), this series aims to remind us that being God’s child is a precious, privileged – and possible – position to occupy.

Author: Ben McEachen
Ben is Deputy Editor at Eternity News. Before working with Eternity, Ben was a full-time movie reviewer with The Advertiser in Adelaide, and Empire magazine. Since completing a theology degree in 2014, Ben has primarily worked in Christian media.