12 day plan

Joseph: God’s bigger plan and purpose

The story of Joseph is one of the most loved in the Old Testament. It’s a powerful story of disaster and recovery, failure and redemption and faithfulness. It’s a powerful expression of God’s love, guidance, protection and care. It’s also a story of jealousy, deceit, anger, denial, disaster and fear. All of us can connect with some part of this story and in a bigger sense all of us know of God’s love and care for us, even in the midst of very challenging circumstances. In this devotional series, each day there is a suggested Genesis reading as well as the day’s focus verses. Let me encourage you to take the extra time to read the unfolding story of the life of Joseph.

Author: Bishop Stephen Hale
Bishop Stephen Hale is Acting Vicar of St Marks Camberwell, Chair of EFAC Australia and EFAC Global and Chair of Arrow Leadership International Development.