7 day plan

Responding to Jesus’ Resurrection

This Easter season, we are taking the opportunity to explore the significance of Jesus’ resurrection with excerpts from the writing of Dr Nick Hawkes. He asks, “Is the resurrection of Jesus a reality or is it just a myth — something that has meaning only because we give it meaning? It’s worth giving the subject some serious thought. “The American Episcopalian minister, John E. Large, wrote: ‘The entire character of a (person’s) whole life depends on whether he (or she) answers “Yes” or “No” to the historic fact of the Resurrection’. That’s a bold statement. Whether or not you believe Rev. Large, it highlights the fact that how you respond to the resurrection is a key life decision.” There are no set prayers for this series, but please be encouraged: each day, commit what has struck you to prayer, and take the opportunity to thank God for Nick’s wisdom and the blessing of his ministry to so many people.

Author: Dr Nick Hawkes
Nick was a scientist, theologian and writer. His novels (all with a Christian garnish) can be found on: author-nick.com. On the 10th March, after many years living with cancer, Nick passed away. He went home to be with his beloved Father God.