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Women of the Bible You Need to Meet

There are many women we know well from the Bible: Eve, Sarah, Mary the mother of Jesus. But there are others who are less known to us, less studied or not well understood. This series will look at 22 biblical women you need to meet, from both the Old and New Testaments. Why have these women been included and named in the Bible? What do they have to tell us about God and about ourselves? In the middle of this series is Mother’s Day, on which we will look at a mother and grandmother of significance. But with the other stories, we see midwives, daughters, queens, prophets, disciples, teachers, and leaders.

Author: Rev. Megan Powell du Toit
Megan is Publishing Manager for the Australian College of Theology, the largest consortium for theological education in Australia. She has worked as a pastor, editor, preacher, lecturer, writer, and podcaster. She is editor of the academic theological journal Colloquium, and co-host of the With All Due Respect podcast by Eternity News with Michael Jensen. An ordained Baptist minister, with a background in both theology and literature, she speaks into the areas of evangelicalism, gender, social media, and theology & the Arts.