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Safe Shelter

Shelter. As you’ve travelled with the psalmists either in meditation or prayer has it struck you, like me, how often they’re on about shelter? I’m not. I tend to presume my basic need for safety. But notice, when push comes to shove—to threatening, or suffering, or deadly shove— ‘shelter’ is then on our praying lips! It’s desperate people who long for, hope for and plead for shelter. And a desperate person is what God wants us to be—desperate to find our needs met in him. From the gallery of psalms this one paints a picture of that honest and radical reliance. It’s a sort of Mona Lisa psalm in that it’s well known. But I wonder how well-lived.

Author: Sarah Raiter
You'll now find Sarah empty-nesting at St James Old Cathedral where Mike and she live and worship. https://containingcolor.wordpress.com