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Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.


Yesterday and the day before we saw examples of God speaking through Moses and working through Cyrus king of Persia. Today God speaks through the creation. For centuries Christians have used this verse and others to affirm that something of the Creator can be known in the creation. Johannes Kepler, who famously discovered the laws of planetary motion, was to become a Lutheran minister. Instead, in order to glorify God, he chose science. Referring to his astronomy, he is reputed to have said that he was merely “thinking God’s thoughts after him”.

In the rush of modern life, with ever-present devices and distractions clamouring for our attention, when was the last time you stopped, still and silent, to ponder the heavens at night or a flower or the extraordinariness of life on earth? Behold; the work of the creator! Let it speak to you.


We give you thanks, oh Lord, for the wonders of creation: for the stars more numerous than grains of sand on this planet; for life in all its diversity; for this lifegiving Earth. Enable us to be awestruck at your creation, and lead us to worship you, the creator.