14 day plan


What sustains us in the midst of life’s challenges? After two years of living through a pandemic, we all need sustenance that will enable us to move forward in faithful devotion to our great God. The wonderful truth of the Scriptures is that this is not just about us trying harder, but it is God himself who upholds and sustains us. This series reminds us of God’s character – that he is a God who loves and reaches out, offering grace and words of life. As we rest in the truths of who he is, what he has done, what he promises to continue to provide, and the certainty of our hope, we will find rest and strength for our souls.

Author: Sarah Condie
Sarah Condie is Co-Director of the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute with her husband, Keith. Their work with the Institute seeks to facilitate mental well-being and promote an informed and compassionate response to mental health challenges within the church and through our mental health resources which are available on their website: https://mentalhealthinstitute.org.au/.