14 day plan

Christ-Centred Mindfulness: Still and Breathe

For the next 14 days we will be reading the Bible with Dr Katherine Thompson, whose devotions are drawn from her books on Christ Centred Mindfulness. Although mindfulness may be familiar to many as an Eastern practice, Dr Thompson has demonstrated in her book how a type of mindfulness can be a helpful practice consistent with Christian faith.  In her writing, Dr Thompson explores how Christians have used a type of mindfulness – often referred to as contemplative prayer and meditation – for hundreds of years, and rediscovers and discusses these techniques. Jesus said, “Peace! Be Still!” to the disciples in the boat when they were scared. In times of struggle and adversity in our lives we can find ourselves overwhelmed with fear, worry, anxiety, despair, and frustration.* In this series, each day’s devotion will be structured a little differently than our usual Daily Bible devotions, as Dr Thompson offers a Bible passage for reflection, and teaches us practical contemplative exercises that can assist with finding peace when everything around us seems difficult and hopeless.

Author: Dr Katherine Thompson
Dr Katherine Thompson is a mental health social worker and academic. In her book, The Discipline of Suffering: Redeeming Our Stories, Dr Thompson integrates faith and psychotherapeutic strategies to help use move from a place of brokenness to redemption.