Exodus 40

The Lord's Tent Is Set Up

1The Lord said to Moses:

2Set up my tent on the first day of the year 3and put the chest with the Ten Commandments behind the inside curtain. 4Bring in the table and set on it those things that are made for it. Also bring in the lampstand and attach the lamps to it. 5Then place the gold altar of incense in front of the sacred chest and hang a curtain at the entrance to the tent. 6Set the altar for burning sacrifices in front of the entrance to my tent. 7Put the large bronze bowl between the tent and the altar and fill the bowl with water. 8Surround the tent and the altar with the wall of curtains and hang the curtain that was made for the entrance.

9Use the sacred olive oil to dedicate to me the tent and everything in it. 10Do the same thing with the altar for offering sacrifices and its equipment 11and with the bowl and its stand. 12Bring Aaron and his sons to the entrance of the tent and tell them to wash themselves. 13Dress Aaron in the priestly clothes, then use the sacred olive oil to ordain him and dedicate him to me as my priest. 14Put the priestly robes on Aaron's sons 15and ordain them in the same way, so they and their descendants will always be my priests.

16Moses followed the Lord's instructions. 17And on the first day of the first month of the second year, the sacred tent was set up. 18The posts, stands, and framework were put in place, 19then the two layers of coverings were hung over them. 20The stones with the Ten Commandments written on them were stored in the sacred chest, the place of mercy was put on top of it, and the carrying poles were attached. 21The chest was brought into the tent and set behind the curtain in the most holy place. These things were done exactly as the Lord had commanded Moses.

22The table for the sacred bread was put along the north wall of the holy place, 23after which the bread was set on the table. 24The lampstand was put along the south wall, 25then the lamps were attached to it there in the presence of the Lord. 26The gold incense altar was set up in front of the curtain, 27and sweet-smelling incense was burned on it. These things were done exactly as the Lord had commanded Moses.

28The curtain was hung at the entrance to the sacred tent. 29Then the altar for offering sacrifices was put in front of the tent, and animal sacrifices and gifts of grain were offered there. 30The large bronze bowl was placed between the altar and the entrance to the tent. It was filled with water, 31then Moses and Aaron, together with Aaron's sons, washed their hands and feet. 32In fact, they washed each time before entering the tent or offering sacrifices at the altar. These things were done exactly as the Lord had commanded Moses.

33Finally, Moses had the curtains hung around the courtyard and at the entrance.

The Glory of the Lord

34 Suddenly the sacred tent was covered by a thick cloud and filled with the glory of the Lord. 35And so, Moses could not enter the tent. 36Whenever the cloud moved from the tent, the people would break camp and follow; 37then they would set up camp and stay there, until it moved again. 38No matter where the people traveled, the Lord was with them. Each day his cloud was over the tent, and each night a fire could be seen in the cloud.