Micah 6

The Lord's Challenge to His People

1The Lord said to his people:

Come and present your case

to the hills and mountains.

2Israel, I am bringing charges

against you—

I call upon the mountains

and the earth's firm foundation

to be my witnesses.

3My people, have I wronged you

in any way at all?

Please tell me.

4 I rescued you from Egypt,

where you were slaves.

I sent Moses, Aaron, and Miriam

to be your leaders.

5 Don't forget the evil plans

of King Balak of Moab

or what Balaam son of Beor

said to him.

Remember how I, the Lord,

saved you many times

on your way from Acacia

to Gilgal.

True Obedience

6What offering should I bring

when I bow down to worship

the Lord God Most High?

Should I try to please him

by sacrificing

calves a year old?

7Will thousands of sheep

or rivers of olive oil

make God satisfied with me?

Should I sacrifice to the Lord

my first-born child as payment

for my terrible sins?

8The Lord God has told us

what is right

and what he demands:

“See that justice is done,

let mercy be your first concern,

and humbly obey your God.”

Cheating and Violence

9I am the Lord,

and you are wise to respect

my power to punish.

So listen to my message

for the city of Jerusalem:

10You store up stolen treasures

and use dishonest scales.

11But I, the Lord, will punish you

for cheating with weights

and with measures.

12You rich people are violent,

and everyone tells lies.

13Because of your sins,

I will wound you and leave you

ruined and defenseless.

14You will eat,

but still be hungry;

you will store up goods,

but lose everything—

I, the Lord, will let it all

be captured in war.

15You won't harvest what you plant

or use the oil

from your olive trees

or drink the wine

from grapes you grow.

16 Jerusalem, this will happen

because you followed

the sinful example

of kings Omri and Ahab.

Now I will destroy you

and your property.

Then the people of every nation

will make fun and insult you.