Job 6

Job's Reply to Eliphaz

It's Impossible

1Job said:

2It's impossible to weigh

my misery and grief!

3They outweigh the sand

along the beach,

and that's why I have spoken

without thinking first.

4The fearsome arrows

of God All-Powerful

have filled my soul

with their poison.

5Do oxen and wild donkeys

cry out in distress

unless they are hungry?

6What is food without salt?

What is more tasteless

than the white of an egg?

7That's how my food tastes,

and my appetite is gone.

* 8How I wish that God

would answer my prayer

9and do away with me.

10Then I would be comforted,

knowing that in all of my pain

I have never disobeyed God.

11Why should I patiently hope

when my strength is gone?

12I am not strong as stone

or bronze,

13and I have finally reached

the end of my rope.

My Friends, I Am Desperate

14My friends, I am desperate,

and you should help me,

even if I no longer respect

God All-Powerful.

* 15But you are treacherous

16like streams that swell

with melting snow,

17then suddenly disappear

in the summer heat.

18I am like a caravan,

lost in the desert

while searching for water.

19Caravans from Tema and Sheba

20thought they would find water.

But they were disappointed,

21just as I am with you.

Only one look at my suffering,

and you run away scared.

What Have I Done Wrong?

22Have I ever asked any of you

to give me a gift

23or to purchase my freedom

from brutal enemies?

24What have I done wrong?

Show me,

and I will keep quiet.

25The truth is always painful,

but your arguments

prove nothing.

26Here I am desperate,

and you consider my words

as worthless as wind.

27Why, you would sell an orphan

or your own neighbor!

28Look me straight in the eye;

I won't lie to you.

29Stop accusing me falsely;

my reputation is at stake.

30I know right from wrong,

and I am not telling lies.