Isaiah 15

Moab Will Be Punished

1 This is a message about Moab:

The towns of Ar and Kir

were destroyed in a night.

Moab is left in ruins!

2Everyone in Dibon has gone up

to the temple and the shrines

to cry and weep.

All of Moab is crying.

Heads and beards are shaved

because of what happened

at Nebo and Medeba.

3In the towns and at home,

everyone wears sackcloth

and cries loud and long.

4From Heshbon and Elealeh,

weeping is heard in Jahaz;

Moab's warriors scream

while trembling with fear.

Pity Moab

5I pity Moab!

Its people are running to Zoar

and to Eglath-Shelishiyah.

They cry on their way up

to the town of Luhith;

on the road to Horonaim

they tell of disasters.

6The streams of Nimrim

and the grasslands

have dried up.

Every plant is parched.

7The people of Moab are leaving,

crossing over Willow Creek,

taking everything they own

and have worked for.

8In the towns of Eglaim

and of Beerelim

and everywhere else in Moab

mournful cries are heard.

9The streams near Dimon

are flowing with blood.

But the Lord will bring

even worse trouble to Dimon,

because all in Moab who escape

will be attacked by lions.