Psalms 29

(A psalm by David.)

The Voice of the Lord in a Storm

1 All you angels in heaven,

honor the glory and power

of the Lord!

2Honor the wonderful name

of the Lord,

and worship the Lord

most holy and glorious.

3The voice of the Lord

echoes over the oceans.

The glorious Lord God

thunders above the roar

of the raging sea,

4and his voice is mighty

and marvelous.

5The voice of the Lord

destroys the cedar trees;

the Lord shatters cedars

on Mount Lebanon.

6God makes Mount Lebanon

skip like a calf

and Mount Hermon

jump like a wild ox.

7The voice of the Lord

makes lightning flash

8and the desert tremble.

And because of the Lord,

the desert near Kadesh

shivers and shakes.

9The voice of the Lord

makes deer give birth

before their time.

Forests are stripped of leaves,

and the temple is filled

with shouts of praise.

10The Lord rules on his throne,

king of the flood forever.

11Pray that our Lord

will make us strong

and give us peace.