Job 7

Job Continues

Why Is Life So Hard?

1Why is life so hard?

Why do we suffer?

2We are slaves in search of shade;

we are laborers longing

for our wages.

3God has made my days drag on

and my nights miserable.

4I pray for night to end,

but it stretches out

while I toss and turn.

5My parched skin is covered

with worms, dirt, and sores,

6and my days are running out

quicker than the thread

of a fast-moving needle.

Don't Forget!

7I beg you, God, don't forget!

My life is just a breath,

and trouble lies ahead.

8I will vanish from sight,

and no one, including you,

will ever see me again.

9 I will disappear in the grave

or vanish from sight

like a passing cloud.

10Never will I return home;

soon I will be forgotten.

11And so, I cry out to you

in agony and distress.

12Am I the sea or a sea monster?

Is that why you imprison me?

13I go to bed, hoping for rest,

14but you torture me

with terrible dreams.

* 15I'd rather choke to death

than live in this body.

16Leave me alone and let me die;

my life has no meaning.

17 What makes you so concerned

about us humans?

18Why do you test us

from sunrise to sunset?

19Won't you look away

just long enough

for me to swallow?

20Why do you watch us so closely?

What's it to you, if I sin?

Why am I your target

and such a heavy burden?

21Why do you refuse to forgive?

Soon you won't find me,

because I'll be dead.