Isaiah 50

The Lord's Power To Punish

1 The Lord says, “Children,

I didn't divorce your mother

or sell you to pay debts;

I divorced her and sold you

because of your sins.

2I came and called out,

but you didn't answer.

Have I lost my power

to rescue and save?

At my command oceans and rivers

turn into deserts;

fish rot and stink

for lack of water.

3I make the sky turn dark

like the sackcloth

you wear at funerals.”

God's Servant Must Suffer

4The Lord God gives me

the right words

to encourage the weary.

Each morning he awakens me

eager to learn his teaching;

5he made me willing to listen

and not rebel or run away.

6 I let them beat my back

and pull out my beard.

I didn't turn aside

when they insulted me

and spit in my face.

7But the Lord God keeps me

from being disgraced.

So I refuse to give up,

because I know

God will never let me down.

8 My protector is nearby;

no one can stand here

to accuse me of wrong.

9The Lord God will help me

and prove I am innocent.

My accusers will wear out

like moth-eaten clothes.

10None of you respect the Lord

or obey his servant.

You walk in the dark

instead of the light;

you don't trust the name

of the Lord your God.

11Go ahead and walk in the light

of the fires you have set.

But with his own hand,

the Lord will punish you

and make you suffer.