Psalms 87

(A psalm and a song by the clan of Korah.)

The Glory of Mount Zion

1Zion was built by the Lord

on the holy mountain,

2and he loves that city

more than any other place

in all of Israel.

3Zion, you are the city of God,

and wonderful things

are told about you.

4Egypt, Babylonia, Philistia,

Phoenicia, and Ethiopia

are some of those nations

that know you,

and their people all say,

“I was born in Zion.”

5God Most High will strengthen

the city of Zion.

Then everyone will say,

“We were born here too.”

6The Lord will make a list

of his people,

and all who were born here

will be included.

7All who sing or dance will say,

“I too am from Zion.”