Psalms 137

A Prayer for Revenge

1Beside the rivers of Babylon

we thought about Jerusalem,

and we sat down and cried.

2We hung our small harps

on the willow trees.

3Our enemies had brought us here

as their prisoners;

now they wanted us to sing

and entertain them.

They insulted us and shouted,

“Sing about Zion!”

4Here in a foreign land,

how can we sing

about the Lord?

5Jerusalem, if I forget you,

let my right hand go limp.

6Let my tongue stick

to the roof of my mouth,

if I don't think about you

above all else.

7Our Lord, punish the Edomites!

On the day Jerusalem fell,

they shouted,

“Completely destroy the city!

Tear down every building!”

8 Babylon, you are doomed!

I pray the Lord's blessings

on anyone who punishes you

for what you did to us.

9May the Lord bless everyone

who beats your children

against the rocks!