Proverbs 24


1Don't be jealous of crooks

or want to be their friends.

2All they think about

and talk about

is violence and cruelty.


3Use wisdom and understanding

to establish your home;

4let good sense fill the rooms

with priceless treasures.


5Wisdom brings strength,

and knowledge gives power.

6Battles are won

by listening to advice

and making a lot of plans.


7Wisdom is too much for fools!

Their advice is no good.


8No one but troublemakers

think up trouble.

9Everyone hates senseless fools

who think up ways to sin.


10Don't give up and be helpless

in times of trouble.


11Don't fail to rescue those

who are doomed to die.

12Don't say, “I didn't know it!”

God can read your mind.

He watches each of us

and knows our thoughts.

And God will pay us back

for what we do.


13Honey is good for you,

my children,

and it tastes sweet.

14Wisdom is like honey

for your life—

if you find it,

your future is bright.


15Don't be a cruel person

who attacks good people

and hurts their families.

16Even if good people

fall seven times,

they will get back up.

But when trouble strikes

the wicked,

that's the end of them.


17Don't be happy

to see your enemies trip

and fall down.

18The Lord will find out

and be unhappy.

Then he will stop

being angry with them.


19Don't let evil people

worry you

or make you jealous.

20They will soon be gone

like the flame of a lamp

that burns out.


21My children, you must respect

the Lord and the king,

and you must not make friends

with anyone who rebels

against either of them.

22Who knows what sudden disaster

the Lord or a ruler

might bring?

More Sayings That Make Good Sense

23Here are some more sayings

that make good sense:

When you judge,

you must be fair.

24If you let the guilty

go free,

people of all nations

will hate and curse you.

25But if you punish the guilty,

things will go well for you,

and you will prosper.

26Giving an honest answer

is a sign

of true friendship.

27Get your fields ready

and plant your crops

before starting a home.

28Don't accuse anyone

who isn't guilty.

Don't ever tell a lie

29or say to someone,

“I'll get even with you!”

30I once walked by the field

and the vineyard

of a lazy fool.

31Thorns and weeds

were everywhere,

and the stone wall

had fallen down.

32When I saw this,

it taught me a lesson:

33 Sleep a little. Doze a little.

Fold your hands

and twiddle your thumbs.

34Suddenly poverty hits you

and everything is gone!