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Divine Judgment

Everyone will face final judgment by God.  We know God’s judgment will be fair but what will divine justice entail?  Will the unsaved include good people of other faiths?  What about people never exposed to the gospel?  What about children who die young?  I have grappled with these issues for the 21 years since my conversion.  I hope this series may stimulate reflection, discussion and prayer.

Author: Roy Williams
Roy  won the Sydney University Medal in law in 1986 and spent twenty years in the legal profession before turning his hand to writing. His first and best-known book, God, Actually (2008), was a defence of Christianity for the educated layperson. A best-seller in Australia on release, it has since been published in Britain and North America. Roy’s next two books – In God They Trust? (2013) and Post-God Nation? (2015) – focused on Australian history and society.  Last year he authored Mr Eternity: The story of Arthur Stace (2017), which has been a No. 1 best-seller in Christian bookshops across the country.