14 day plan

First Verses

Listen to the way the biblical authors start these 14 books, psalms and letters. What matters to them most? Where do they want to begin with their readers and hearers? From Genesis to Revelation, these verses were penned over many centuries. Allow these short passages to lead you to meditate on God’s world and God’s caring relationship with the creation. Allow the verses to lead you into the big picture of God’s work: God’s work of creation; God’s work in people (friends and enemies of God alike); God’s work in our individual lives; God’s work in the midst of pain and suffering; God’s work in redemption through Jesus Christ; and God’s work in guiding history and bringing it eventually to a glorious new beginning.

Author: Chris Mulherin
Chris Mulherin is an Anglican minister and Executive Director of ISCAST–Christians in Science and Technology, a network of Christians who rejoice in the benefits of science and the way the sciences reveal the wonders of God’s creation. Chris also teaches in Introduction to Climate Change at Melbourne University. Previously, he studied and taught engineering and spent 13 years in Argentina with his family as missionaries.