7 day plan

The Power of Words

Our words matter. And they especially matter to God. We know this because his word, the Bible, overflows with warnings about the power of the tongue to do harm and also the wisdom of the words of the righteous (Psalm 37:30). We have all uttered words that have caused terrible pain to another person. We also have the power to breathe life and confidence into another just by our words of affirmation. This seven-day devotion scratches the surface of the Bible’s warnings, corrections and advice about our tongue.

Author: Penny Mulvey
Penny is the Chief Communications Officer of Bible Society Australia and an occasional writer for Eternity. A lifetime lover of the risen Lord Jesus, Penny professes a simple faith that focuses on what unites us as Christians, rather than what divides, in the belief that we could indeed move mountains if we put aside our petty internal squabbles and looked to the big picture of God’s love for all people.