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In the Meantime: Images of the In-Between

You’ve noticed the Bible, for all its complexity, is vivid with imagery. That’s because images engage not just the mind but the imagination. And goodness knows we need some imagination to comprehend transcendent truths. For example, God’s meta-story of garden to city. Imagine that flourishing garden paradise ordered from chaos…then the rebel no-man’s-land…the ghettos…the wilderness…a homeland…the temple…a foreign land…the New Kingdom…the City of God. See, we’ve conjured Scripture’s story in our imagination! And speaking of that story, I wonder if you recognized where you are in that narrative? Tap, as it were, into the overlap of a foreign land and God’s New Kingdom. What comes into focus is the In-between. Some have called it the Now-and-not-yet. This is where we find ourselves. God’s word has particular wisdom for this sojourn as we, restless for The King’s return, persist in following Jesus. We’re given, yes, images. Vivid pictures that goad, reassure, and inspire our faith and resolve. Can you even get more practical?! So, let’s pack our bags with a cache of these images as we navigate the Meantime.

Author: Sarah Raiter
Sarah grew up calling Pakistan home. 25 years there helped to shape her worldview. Armed with a degree in Home Science/Fine Art, she married an Australian preacher. Her short stint of high school teaching was happily replaced with mothering, mentoring and creating. For a season the family returned to Pakistan to train church leaders. You'll now find her empty-nesting at St James Old Cathedral where Mike and she live and worship. https://containingcolor.wordpress.com