1In three things I was beautified,

And stood up beautiful before the Lord and men:

The concord of brethren, and friendship of neighbours,

And a woman and her husband that walk together in agreement.

2But three sorts of men my soul hateth,

And I am greatly offended at their life:

A poor man that is haughty, and a rich man that is a liar,

And an old man that is an adulterer lacking understanding.

3In thy youth thou hast not gathered,

And how shouldest thou find in thine old age?

4How beautiful a thing is judgement for gray hairs,

And for elders to know counsel!

5How beautiful is the wisdom of old men,

And thought and counsel to men that are in honour!

6Much experience is the crown of old men;

And their glorying is the fear of the Lord.

7There be nine things that I have thought of, and in mine heart counted happy;

And the tenth I will utter with my tongue:

A man that hath joy of his children;

A man that liveth and looketh upon the fall of his enemies:

8Happy is he that dwelleth with a wife of understanding;

And he that hath not slipped with his tongue;

And he that hath not served a man that is unworthy of him:

9Happy is he that hath found prudence;

And he that discourseth in the ears of them that listen.

10How great is he that hath found wisdom!

Yet is there none above him that feareth the Lord.

11The fear of the Lord passeth all things:

He that holdeth it, to whom shall he be likened? 12

13Give me any plague but the plague of the heart;

And any wickedness but the wickedness of a woman;

14Any calamity, but a calamity from them that hate me;

And any vengeance, but the vengeance of enemies.

15There is no head above the head of a serpent;

And there is no wrath above the wrath of an enemy.

16I will rather dwell with a lion and a dragon,

Than keep house with a wicked woman.

17The wickedness of a woman changeth her look,

And darkeneth her countenance as a bear doth.

18Her husband shall sit at meat among his neighbours,

And when he heareth it he sigheth bitterly.

19All malice is but little to the malice of a woman:

Let the portion of a sinner fall on her.

20As the going up a sandy way is to the feet of the aged,

So is a wife full of words to a quiet man.

21Throw not thyself upon the beauty of a woman;

And desire not a woman for her beauty.

22There is anger, and impudence, and great reproach,

If a woman maintain her husband.

23A wicked woman is abasement of heart,

And sadness of countenance, and a wounded heart:

A woman that will not make her husband happy

Is as hands that hang down, and palsied knees.

24From a woman was the beginning of sin;

And because of her we all die.

25Give not water an outlet;

Neither to a wicked woman freedom of speech.

26If she go not as thou wouldest have her,

Cut her off from thy flesh.