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Hebrews: Better, Best

I’m a sucker for travel. From the challenge of a well-packed suitcase (better yet, just a backpack), to the buzz of an airport, yes, even the surprise of what’s-in-the-box aeroplane food, the onboard entertainment, people-watching… But especially the intrigue of other cultures. Which brings me to the book of Hebrews. Bet it’s not a culture that any of us has often visited, though much of it has a familiar Old Testament ring. So, pack your bags for two weeks in Hebrews because, in the words of the author, this living, active…. penetrating word of God has work to do. It may pierce you, lay you bare, exhilarate, assure. Pray it matures us in faith and godliness. The New Testament is mostly stories and letters. The gospel narratives, and letters from older to newer Christians. Then there’s Hebrews. You’d be wrong to think it’s a letter. It’s a sermon–a very long one. But don’t settle into your pew just yet because it starts out not with the preacher getting up in the pulpit. It’s more like a flash mob.

Author: Sarah Raiter
You'll now find Sarah empty-nesting at St James Old Cathedral where Mike and she live and worship. https://containingcolor.wordpress.com